Top Loader Washing Machines

Clean clothing with the best top loader washing machines



Samsung washing machines offer great value. The 10 to 13 litre is large enough that you can wash your entire family’s laundry in one go, even doing large loads of towels or sheets with no problem. There are also numerous wash cycles to choose from, including bedding, deep wash, and active wear. You can also customize the temperature, soil level, and spin speed for the cycle.

These washing machines include all the essential functions that most households will need. But because of some of these washer’s generous size, users who are on the shorter side may have trouble fishing out clothing from the bottom of the drum. If you find it challenging to reach articles of clothing in the washer, try using a stool or some tongs.


Most LG top loaders are very energy-efficient thus conserving electricity while saving you money. They utilize five or six different wash motions to get your clothing clean while ensuring no amount of water gets wasted. Models with the SenseClean system detects how much laundry is in your load and automatically sets the right water level and wash time. This model is also packed with many other unique features that make the washing machine easy to use.

The anti-vibration system reduces noise, so you don’t have to listen to constant clanging while the washer is on. Some models feature a StainCare option that is specifically designed to tackle different types of stains. The drum is comprised of stainless steel, and there are no sharp corners that can cause your clothing to catch or get damaged.