Tumble dryers are great when the weather’s wet and cold (summer or winter), also when you have a large family and hanging space is limited. Knowing how to use your tumble dryer correctly is important in order to avoid classic problem stories like wrinkled and shrunken clothes or damage to your dryer! At Bergens, we care about your laundry and appliances. We want to help you keep them in the best shape with these simple tips.

Know your Symbols

It’s easy to let the different symbols on your tumble dryer confuse you. Simply put – different articles of clothing require different treatments and all the different symbol variations feature a square with a circle inside it.

There are four main symbols:

Why can’t I tumble dry some of my clothes?

Should I pack my tumble dryer until it’s full?

How much should I put in?


The above measures will go a long way in looking after your clothing and dryer. It is however a good idea to service your tumble dryer occasionally (once a year). There is a surprising amount of lint, fluff and other debris that collects on the interior of your dryer.

The aforementioned debris can collect in the belt pulley, heating elements, thermostats and motor which could result in damage to your appliance and unnecessary repair costs.

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